Before reaching Civita you breathe the history and the wisdom of a magic place.

Step into Civita little by little. Walk through its small streets, watch its stone houses, and listen to the silence. You will feel like brought back in a past which doesn’t belong to you but that will seem strangely familiar. You will feel like you’ve been there before, like you’ve been living there.

You’re in LA MAGARA, which dominates the whole municipality ravine. It’s the only bed and breakfast in Civita set in the middle of the historical centre. You’re in a privileged place on the world and on memory. Up high, over everything.
In each room a small loggia, a window…the gaze can dance: dwell down on the devil’s bridge, and more in the distance fill with the sea, or turn to a side and be enriched by the green and the flourishing Laxca plants.
From there, the encounter with the wind takes your breath. It’s magical and brings along many stories, secrets and whispers… it caresses the roofs and their “masks” – (the chimneys: in Civita the creativity of bricklayers has no limits in this craft. B&B La Magara’s chimney it’s one of the oldest. His name is La Torretta)
From the above you can glimpse eyes peeping out from windows, houses that kiss each other and the nature, strong and energetic.
You’re in the silence but you’re not alone.

The rhythm of time it’s always with you in your journey.